White Labeling

"White Labeling" for SEO & Marketing Firms

White Label Blogging Service

Our "white-labeled" option allows you to sell our blogging service to your clients as if it were your service. You put your branding on the service, and you set the price you want to charge your clients. We do all the work and only communicate with you, so your clients never know we're involved. You pocket the difference between what you choose to charge your clients and the discounted wholesale rates you get from us. It's a WIN-WIN for both you and your clients. You earn a lot of money, skip out on all the work, and have happy clients. Your clients get high-quality unique content written by talented American writers automatically posted to their blog or website, resulting in all kinds of SEO benefits. Here's a brief overview of how the "white labeling" service works, why it's good for you, and why it's good for your clients...

How It Works

  • You pitch the blogging service to your clients as if it's your service
  • You charge your clients any amount you want (many of our partners are charging as much as 200% our standard prices)
  • You outsource the actual blogging work to us at a special wholesale rate
  • We communicate only with you (never with your client) & we never put "My Blog Squad" branding on any of our work
  • Your client never knows we're involved
  • You make a lot of money, get all the credit & have happy clients  :-)

What You Get

  • Discounted wholesale pricing with the freedom to charge your clients any rate your choose
  • Access to an expert staff of talented American writers without having to manage them
  • Streamlined service to make your life easier, including topic idea generation and even logging in and posting blog entries (all for no extra charge)
  • Happy clients reaping huge SEO benefits with powerful on-site optimization
  • All the credit - with our white-label service, you can name and manage the program under your own label

Your Client Gets

  • Top-quality blog posts that are thoroughly researched and written from scratch by professional American writers
  • SEO Results - better rankings, more direct traffic for "long-tail" keyword phrases, more internal page & links, and a social hub for creating a social following - see Benefits page
  • Effortless content creation - we research each client's market/niche to come up with topics that will appeal to their target audience
  • The option to have blog entries OR articles automatically posted to their blog or website

What People Are Saying About Us...

”Bottom line... this service rocks! We used to try to manage a few content writers in-house, and it was a nightmare. But with these guys, I just set up a new account and never really give it another thought. They do everything... they choose the topics, they write the content, and they even log in and post it! And the quality of their work is so good that my clients happily pay me almost double what I pay My Blog Squad to do all the work.”

- Stephen R. (Raleigh, North Carolina) Mid-sized SEO firm

”We started out putting just a couple clients on this, and now we're using this service for OVER HALF of our clients! And we're not just using it for blogging. For several of our clients, we're having My Blog Squad log in and post new articles in the 'Articles' section of our clients' sites. We also use this service to articles we can use as guest blog posts for our clients. You simply won't find anywhere close to this great of quality for anywhere close to these prices.”

- Honey W. (San Jose, California) Internet Marketing agency

Set-Up Process

  • Sign up (at wholesale rates) for the plan you/your client wants: Lite (1 post/week), Standard (2 posts/week) or Extreme (3 posts/week)
  • If you don't already have it, collect information from your client (blog/site login credentials, instructions for content, list of sources, etc.)
  • Pass the information on to us by filling out the 'Information Request Form' (which you'll be sent automatically when you sign up for a plan)
  • That's it - that's the extent of your involvement - we take it from here!

Ongoing Monthly Service

  • Using the input/instructions you provided, we come up with all topic ideas on an ongoing basis (you can of course give input along the way)
  • Our talented American writing team writes 400+ word blog entries/articles from scratch (no copying/pasting and no "spinning")
  • We will even log in and post the blog entries/articles on your client's site (or, if you'd prefer, we can email the content to you instead)
  • You may cancel the service at any time (it's month-to-month with no long-term commitment)

Ready to Get Started?

Please fill out this short inquiry form to tell us about your company and how you intend to use our service. We'll get back to you shortly with information about how to access discounted wholesale pricing and get started with "white labeling" our blogging service: