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Single Power Page

Single Power Page

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Specialized, information dense, user-friendly content can set you apart from your competition, and it has the potential to rank in Google even without any links. To meet the evolving needs of our clients, we are proud to present our new Power Page service!

    What You Get with Your Power Page:

    • Insanely high-quality evergreen content 
    • 2000+ words of unique, deeply researched, and authoritative content designed to raise your site's quality score
    • Rich content with strategically used headings, media, etc (designed both for Google's algorithm and your user's experience)
    • Specially designed to be great "link bait" for site owners in your industry (a great reference or resource for them to link to)
    • Shows your industry, audience, and Google that you're an expert in the industry

    Check out our monthly Power Page Subscription which includes some additional benefits!

    What is a Power Page?

    A Power Page is a powerful marketing tool for your website, for both search marketing and in social media. Over the years, there has been a demonstrable decrease in the effectiveness of simple checklist type SEO practices. Google's search algorithm is favoring content quality and length, in an attempt to improve user experience.

    You can also use your power page as a showpiece in your social media campaigns and to engage niche users by posting it to your industry's online forums. This can help you earn traffic to your website, and can generate conversation about your website and your brand, specifically within your target markets.

    By adding genuinely useful and content-rich power pages to your website, you can improve your search rankings, your authority, and your reputation. To maximize your potential upside, sign up now and get our Power Page Promotion Guide for free!