How My Blog Squad Works

Set-Up Process (FREE!)

1. On the Subscribe page (or down below), simply select the plan you want and sign up for the service.

2. After you sign up, we’ll ask you to send us the following information:

  • your blog's URL & login information
  • instructions on how broad/narrow of topics you want us to post about
  • a description of your site's target audience
  • other information/instructions you want to give our team

3. Based on your website’s market and your blog’s subject matter, we will assign the most well-suited writer on the My Blog Squad team to be your blog manager.

4. Before writing the first post, your blog manager will research your market to identify good sources for finding news, stories, videos, events, frequently asked questions and other hot topics that will appeal to your target market. He or she will regularly use these sources to find current, fresh and interesting hot topics to write about.

5. Your blog manager will write and post your first blog entry within 2-3 days of when you sign up.

Ongoing Monthly Service

1. Every week, your blog manager will research and find hot topics to write about that will be interesting to your target audience (using the sources you provide and the sources identified in step 4 of the set-up process).

2. Your blog manager will then write the blog entries to be posted on your blog. He or she will also find one or more pictures or videos to go along with the blog post.

3. Before each blog entry is posted on your blog, the My Blog Squad Quality Control team will review the post to ensure that the blog entry is 100% unique, reads well, and has no spelling or grammatical errors.

4. Your blog manager will then log in to your blog’s admin account and post the blog entry.

5. If you choose to get the “Social Blast” add-on, we will also log in to your social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and post notifications/updates about each new post. This will not only keep your social profile pages current and active, but new-post notifications will automatically be sent to all of your followers.

There is no long-term commitment for this service. You can cancel the service (or upgrade/downgrade to another plan) at any time.

Get Started by Choosing a Plan

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Benefits of an On-Site Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to check out the FAQs Page to get instant answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the set-up process and ongoing process for this amazing service.